19th January 2018

5 Ideas For Sunshine With The Kids This Half Term

Half term is always a great opportunity to spend time with the kids, but sometimes they (and you!) want more than what the UK can offer at this time of year: sunshine. While mainland Europe is a stone’s throw from our borders, nice weather isn’t always guaranteed.

If you’re looking to travel a little farther abroad this half term, we’ve put together five of our top pics for sun in the sun with the kids this half term!

1 – Disney World Florida

There are a number of fantastic holiday destinations across the pond, but for a child-focused holiday during half term, the ultimate holiday has to be Disney World Florida. It’s actually quieter in February as American schools aren’t on holiday, so you can actually get a lot out of your day trips. With multiple theme parks and character guides, even your older kids will have the time of their life.

Though it’s a long haul flight from London Gatwick, Addison Lee can get your holiday off to the best start! Our iconic Ford Galaxies have plenty of luggage room and come equipped with in-car phone chargers and Wi-Fi to keep the kids entertained to and from the airport!

2 – The Canaries

One of the best short haul destinations in February are the Canary Islands. From Tenerife to Lanzarote, these beautiful Spanish islands boast stunning beaches and plenty of resorts catered to children and teenagers. You can relax and unwind while they let off some steam in the kids’ clubs! Definitely a winner if you want some February sunshine!

You can fly to the Canary Islands from most London airports: Luton, Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted. Wherever you’re travelling from, let Addison Lee take care of your airport transfer so you arrive relaxed and refreshed for your sunshine holiday!

3 – Skiing in Europe

For a family-friendly holiday that doesn’t break the bank this half term, consider taking the kids away to one of the many slopes of Europe! Its peak ski season, but you can have a blast in the snow on a budget. Staying in a mountain chalet is half the fun! With so many destinations to choose from – from France to Switzerland to Austria, there’s something for everyone!

As there are so many varied destinations, you can fly from all five London airports. If you book your airport transfer with Addison Lee, you can take advantage of our real-time flight monitoring so you can start your holiday off on the right foot!

4 – Morocco

Morocco is a wonderful place to holiday – even more so with the whole family this half term! With plenty of resorts to choose from, you can go on guided tours (kids can have the chance to ride a mule!) as well as sample the local delights in Marrakech. With food and entertainment galore, you and your family will be spoiled for choice!

You can fly to Morocco from most London airports – and if you fly from Luton, there’ll be cars waiting to pick you up and bring you back home after your exotic adventure!

5 – Maldives

Another long haul option – and for those who love beach holidays – the Maldives is a great option. It’s a wonderful place to unwind with the kids and brush up on your swimming and diving. There’s so much fun and learning to be had for the kids, the Maldives makes a fantastic half term sunshine option!

Addison Lee tracks flight details live, so you won’t be late! Our airport transfer service will get you to and from the airport in comfort and safety. The perfect start and end to your family holiday.

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