14th February 2017

50 Years after the Kinks ‘Waterloo Sunset’, Waterloo Bridge still inspires romance in Londoners

In 1967, the Kinks released ‘Waterloo Sunset’, their song reflecting on the hustle and bustle of London, and the contrasting romantic setting of one of London’s great bridges. 50 years later the view from Waterloo Bridge at sunset remains number one for romantics, according to a survey of 3,500 London drivers working for Addison Lee.

The company’s survey asked drivers to name their most romantic spot and time of day in London.  Respondents named many different London locations and times, but Waterloo Bridge at sunset was named most often as the most romantic spot in London.

The song’s lyrics are rumoured to be inspired by the romance between actors Terence Stamp and Julie Christie, as considered from an onlooker’s point of view. The onlooker reflects on the Thames, Waterloo station and the couple passing over the bridge.  Despite being one of the Kink’s most successful and best loved songs, Waterloo Sunset only every reached number two in the UK charts.

“Half way across Waterloo Bridge on a clear evening,” was driver Gary Anderson’s response. “I love the lights along the north and south banks, the landmarks, the shimmering reflections in the river.  It’s so calming being on the bridge, and such a contrast to the city either side. It might seem like a small thing but it’s part of what makes the job special”.

Addison Lee’s drivers complete well over half a million journeys a month in London, making them well placed to judge the many and varied romantic sites in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  London’s Bridges were popular choices in the survey, with Albert, Westminster and Tower Bridge all doing well.  Second place overall went to the Shard, followed by The London Eye and Primrose Hill in fourth place.

Londoners looking for the most romantic spot should stop by Waterloo Bridge at 5:00pm this February 14 for a lovely sunset selfie, weather permitting.

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