5th September 2019

7 ways to improve your back to school mornings

The summer holidays are drawing to a close, its time for kids and parents alike to snap back to reality. We know navigating through the first week back can be tricky business. So, we’ve put together a guide on our best tips to surviving back to school week. With any luck you’ll be in the swing of things in time for Monday.


  1. Prep ahead

Chop up fruits and veggies the night before and place in an airtight container. Buy multipack snacks and drinks. Package the together and label one for each day of the week in a zip lock bag.

  1. Lay out uniform the night before

Iron and lay out everyone’s uniform the night before (including yours). This will cut down getting ready time in the morning as well as encourage your children to begin to independently get themselves dressed. Disclaimer allow extra time to help with buttons.

  1. No TV

It’s so easy to just put the TV on in the morning for the kids while they eat breakfast however, studies have shown that it takes people longer to get ready if there’s background noise.  So, you’ll have to give CBeebies a miss Mon-Fri.

  1. Create a bathroom schedule

Work out time slots where each family member has priority of the bathroom to avoid any arguments. Especially important if you’re the lucky parent of multiple teenage girls.

  1. Create a wall Calendar

Hang a calendar on your wall with all extracurricular and school time tables to ensure you have a clear idea of what to pack each day for the kids. Keep all sports kits in one centralised location and ensure the kids know to put their stuff back once they get home.

  1. Establish an early bedtime and stick to it

The more well-rested the children are the easier it is will be to get them out of bed. Set a bedtime and stick to it.

  1. Rewards

A little bit of positive reinforcement and can go along way. When your kids are ready ahead of time why not reward them? How about for every 10 mins ahead of time they are they’ll earn 1 token? At the end of term the tokens can be exchanged for money or a treat.

8. Pre-book transport

Organising your transport can save you time and give you a ball park figure to get ready by. Why not pre-book your Addison Lee and let us take the stress out of your school. Travelling during peak, then make use of  your ClubLee discount and save up to 20% off.  With complimentary Wi-Fi on board you can catch up with your emails on the way.

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