Addison lee
15th December 2015

Act Now To Avoid Being Stranded On Monday

This Friday will be the most hectic day for taxis and mini-cabs, at the height of the Christmas party season there will be a frenzy of demand as party-goers try and get home, predicts Addison Lee Europe’s largest mini-cab company.

Addison Lee’s Data Analytics team, have used traffic flows, future bookings and last year’s journeys to predict that demand for cabs and mini-cabs could increase by up to 20%. This Friday will prove to be the busiest day of the season for Christmas parties and end-of-year office celebrations, meaning getting a ride just as your party is coming to an end could prove an absolute nightmare.

Andy Boland, Chief Executive Officer at Addison Lee, said: “We strongly urge people to book their mini-cab in advance to secure rides and avoid complications on this exciting but busy night.

We all know that that sometimes we’d like an extra 30 minutes at a party or in the pub, so we have created a snooze button on the Addison Lee booking app which enables passengers to push back the pick-up time of their mini-cab.

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