10th November 2022

Addison Lee and Bonnet partner to provide drivers with access to reliable and affordable EV charging

  • Partnership will see Addison Lee partner drivers provided with access to over 20 charging networks
  • Benefitting from reduced rates, drivers will receive a £5 credit each month in the first four months, and can save up to 15% on EV charging via Bonnet’s ‘Turbo Boost’ scheme
  • With all information and use via one app, drivers will have access to real-time data, ensuring no time is wasted travelling to in-use or damaged charge points

10 November, London – Addison Lee, the UK’s largest quality private hire, courier, and black taxi provider, has announced a new partnership with Bonnet, the largest independent electric vehicle charging aggregator, to provide partner drivers with discounted and reliable EV charging.

Alongside access to over 20 charging networks – and over 1,000 rapid charge points across the capital – Addison Lee partner drivers will also see the price of charging reduced, receiving a £5 charging credit each month for the first 4 months of the partnership. Similarly, via Bonnet’s new ‘Turbo Boost’ scheme, Addison Lee partner drivers can receive a 15% discount on the standard network tariff for all charges.

Committing to transition its standard fleet to fully electric by 2023, Addison Lee is due to have 1,000 Volkswagen ID.4s on London’s streets by the end of the year. However, research carried out earlier this year by the firm revealed clear barriers to the uptake of EVs in the capital – most notably, issues with the city’s charging network.

According to Addison Lee data, almost 4 in ten (39%) of its partner drivers spent over half an hour trying to find a rapid charger, with almost half (49%) reporting that they found chargers not working or damaged, and 65% drove to a charger to find it already in use.

With real-time data easily located all under one app, Bonnet will provide Addison Lee’s partner drivers with useful information on the closest, available charge points to them – helping them to charge their vehicles and be back on the road in as little time as possible.

Patrick Reich, co-founder and CEO of Bonnet, said:

“We’re delighted to have launched this partnership with Addison Lee. Taxi and private hire drivers are among our most popular users, and we’re pleased to be able to reduce their costs plus ensure they have the most convenient, flexible experience possible.

“As COP27 takes place in Egypt, we believe speeding up the transition to zero emission transport is of critical importance for the environment, and we’re glad to be part of Addison Lee’s journey to have a fully electric fleet.”

Liam Griffin, CEO of Addison Lee, said:

“Since we announced our transition to electric, we have formed several important partnerships to ensure we can provide the drivers that work with us with seamless access to EV charging.

Partnering with an innovative brands like Bonnet, means our partner drivers will no longer be at risk of taking wasted journeys to busy and broken charge points. And, as the cost of living continues to rise our deal ensures our partner drivers are saving as much money on EV charging as possible.”

About Bonnet

  • Bonnet is Europe’s largest independent EV charging app and connects drivers to over 80,000+ chargers across the UK and Europe
  • Through Bonnet’s app, EV drivers can easily access thousands of reliable charging locations across the UK and Europe – removing the need for multiple cards and apps to use EV chargers of different companies
  • Bonnet is partnered with 20+ networks, including: ESB, Allego, Shell Recharge, Franklin, Alfa Power, Plug n Go, Fastned, Chargy, Connected Kerb, Osprey, EVBox, Ladenetz, GeniePoint, Ionity, Source London,Total, EV Charge, Stromnetz Hamburg, EWE GO, Electric55 and Powerdot
  • For just £2 per month, Bonnet offers drivers a 10% discount for drivers using any of its 80,000+ chargers in the UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland under its ‘Light Boost’ payment plan. For a subscription of £8 per month, Bonnet will guarantee drivers a 15% discount on all their charging costs under its ‘Turbo Boost’ package
  • Bonnet was founded in 2019 by Patrick Reich and Eliot Makabu and launched in 2021. It’s headquartered in London, UK

About Addison Lee

  • Addison Lee is London’s largest premium managed car and courier service, carrying nearly 7 million passengers and over 2 million deliveries across the capital every year in its 4000 strong fleet, none more than 3 years old
  • Established in 1974, ComCab is the longest standing black taxi fleet in the capital, operating over 2,500 iconic black taxis across London. 25% of our operating fleet are low emission vehicles, helping reduce carbon emissions and creating a greener transport infrastructure. ComCab offers unrivalled coverage and flexibility to London’s business community and valued private clients within the city and surrounding areas. Drivers have on average 20 years’ experience in the industry and have all passed the world renowned ‘Knowledge of London’. ComCab is an award-winning business with a community first ethos and has been recognised for keeping London moving during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Our courier service is the largest same-day courier in London
  • AL Now offers London’s businesses a two-hour delivery window
  • Collections up to 7pm for next working day delivery
  • Same day courier service will have your parcel collected quickly and delivered efficiently
  • Every parcel is electronically tracked, with proof of delivery
  • Dedicated fleet of bicycles, cars, motorbikes, and vans
  • Couriers practice social distancing when delivering your packages
  • Safety and hygiene are at the core of Addison Lee’s service, which is used by 80% of the FTSE100
  • All of Addison Lee’s non-EV fleet is offset through a partnership with Climate Care
  • Our Safer Journey Initiative is designed to ensure the safety of both our drivers and passengers, with our drivers rated on their approach to cleanliness every journey by our customers and a network of mobile quality assessors ensuring our standards are adhered to
  • The first UK ground transport business to launch a booking app, Addison Lee offers 24/7, 365 days a year customer service through app, web, and phone
  • A consortium led by Liam Griffin (CEO) and Cheyne Capital’s Strategic Value Credit business completed a buy-out of the company

Further information

Addison Lee, Andrew.Wescott@addisonlee.com +44 7825 010712

firstlight group, Isabella.Iacovone@firstlightgroup.io, +44 7425 319098

Bonnet, bonnet@pagefield.co.uk, +44 7478 550 052

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