Campaign against dogs abandonment in London provided by Addison Lee car hire.
1st April 2017

Addison Lee is celebrating National Pet Month

This April, Addison Lee is celebrating National Pet Month with a new customer service: Pet Friendly Car. We’re proud to have teamed up with the UK’s leading veterinary charity PDSA in its 100th year, to provide advice to help passengers travel safely and comfortably with their pets.

Book the Pet Friendly Car option on the app or web, and your driver will be happy to transport you, your pet, and a second passenger to your destination in comfort and style.

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How to select Pet Friendly Car on the Addison Lee App

Terms & Conditions

The service is suitable for dogs, cats, and other typical household pets. Please be advised that if you’re travelling with a lizard, uncaged bird, a monkey, or any other exotic or less common pet, your driver will have right of refusal!

We do not carry livestock as this is a restriction on our insurance policy, even if the animal is treated as a pet.

There is a standard vehicle cleaning which will apply if pets leave a mess in the vehicle.

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