21st July 2014

Addison Lee and graze.com to pilot in-car meals

 – In-Car Grazing features tailored menu for busy passengers –

Addison Lee has partnered with graze to pilot ‘In-Car Grazing’ with a tailored menu to offer busy Londoners the chance to refuel on-the-go.

The UK’s biggest minicab company, Addison Lee, has identified the top three nutritional issues facing their passengers and asked graze, the online snacking company, to create bespoke snack boxes to cater for them.

‘Long Haul Refuel’, ‘Party Pre-Tox‘ and ‘Brainy Breakfast’ have all been designed by graze’s top nutritionists in order to; boost energy levels after a long flight, line the stomach ahead of a night out, and kick-start the day with a nutrient-packed breakfast for those on the go.

Liam Griffin, CEO of Addison Lee said of the new service, “We believe that it’s not just a car that needs refueling, but our passengers do too.

“graze is perfect partner for Addison Lee – like us they are innovative, technology-led and complement their customers’ busy lives.”

The scheme will be piloting the following in-car menus, with plans to roll them out to the whole fleet later in the year.

Anthony Fletcher, CEO of graze.com added “We pride ourselves on creating nutritious, tasty snacks that will give people a boost on-the-go, so we are happy to tailor these bespoke snacks for Addison Lee. I’m sure that our three new specially formulated creations will hit the spot every time.”

Long Haul Refuel:
Designed for passengers who have just taken a red eye flight and are heading straight into the office, this is the ultimate snack box to rejuvenate and rehydrate.

These specially selected snacks are all infused with iron to aid oxygen transportation around the body, which is essential after a long flight. Including Omega Booster Seeds and the Super Berry Detox mix, these snacks are also designed to power the brain, lift energy levels and boost the immune system.

Party Pre-Tox:
For hectic workers who do not have time for dinner and are off to evening drinks, these are the perfect snacks to line the stomach and give the right nutrients and energy levels for the night ahead.

The box contains a healthy balance of carbohydrates, good fats and proteins, as well as nuts and seeds that are locked full of energy. Included in The Party Pre-Tox is the Vitamin E Defence mix and the Fruit and Seed flapjack.

Brainy Breakfast:
The perfect way to kick-start the day ahead, jam-packed with ‘brain food’.

Natural Energy Nuts and Natural Vanilla Seeds containing B-vitamins are included in the box to keep body and minds wide awake. Pumpkin Seeds are also included to provide a good dose of magnesium to reduce fatigue and boost energy levels.

The graze boxes will be placed within a selection of cars for lucky passengers to trial in the next week.

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