RAC Telematics
15th September 2015

Addison Lee Upgrades with RAC Telematics

You may have seen in the press in recent weeks that Addison Lee had updated its Telematics systems to take advantage of the new functionality. Addison Lee is always looking at new ways to improve and differ itself from its competitors and this is another example of how we are going the extra mile.

The amazing thing about the RAC Telematics unit is that it now includes a crash detection rate accuracy of 92%. The 92% crash detection rate is crucial in the event of an accident at slow speed as it can determine whether the collision was with another vehicle, or simply hitting a kerb or taking a speed bump too quickly.

You can get a better picture of the benefits of the detection rate by watching this short video from RAC.

The RAC Telematics units are currently installed in about 2,000 of our vehicles with more being fitted every day. This allows for a constant flow of data about how the vehicles are being driven, where their current location is and their speed and idling time.

Addison Lee has been working with RAC Business for almost 2 years and the data that we have obtained has been invaluable in many key areas, but particularly in analyzing efficiency driver behavior

Rob Daniels, our head of fleet said: “Our passengers demand the highest quality service and that includes smooth driving.  RAC Telematics data helps us to ensure that our drivers are driving safely as well as identifying the rare occasions when our vehicles are involved in an accident.”

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