24th October 2012

Addison Lee’s iPhone App to take £50 million this year

App revenue doubles in a year

Addison Lee’s free iPhone app is on track to generate £50million of bookings in 2012. In the first ten months of the year, the app has already taken £33 million for the London-based minicab company. The company is on track to make more than £50 million by the end of 2012 solely from bookings through iPhones, more than double last year’s figure of £23 million.

iPhone bookings alone now account for 25% of all bookings for the company: 45,000 thousand bookings a week are made with the free app which has been downloaded more than 350,000 times.

Because of the popularity of the iPhone app, Addison Lee has also created Windows Phone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry apps and is currently assessing the potential of new technologies such as HTML5 and NFC.

Peter Ingram, Addison Lee’s IT Director commented:

“We offer a full range of apps, but our customers have really embraced the iPhone. There have been a slew of copycat smartphone apps for taxi services since we launched, but no company can offer the scale and reliability that underpins the Addison Lee app.”

“Addison Lee’s huge growth over recent years has been founded on technology, so it’s natural for us to be at the forefront of mobile transport apps.”

Through the recession, Addison Lee has grown by 40 percent and today the company is one of the most profitable in the UK. This rapid growth is directly linked to Addison Lee’s cutting-edge technology and custom-built software, which has revolutionised the customer experience. To download any of Addison Lee’s smart phone apps, search your preferred app store or follow this link: http://localhost/about/mobile

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