8th April 2021

ALmost There

It’s Almost there – drinks outside and dining al fresco with friends and family, actually trying clothes on in a shop…and from our survey of Londoners, it appears you’re almost there too.

Londoners can’t wait to share the delights of the capital – in all their forms – as lockdown lifts, but are going to be careful about how they do it.

According to the research, conducted across 1,000 Londoners in the last month:

  • Our most eagerly awaited post-lockdown pleasures are shared experiences, with 58% of residents looking forward to visiting a restaurant again
  • The place we’re most excited about visiting again is Covent Garden – 33% of Londoners named the district as their preferred destination after April 12th
  • There’s a desire to enjoy traditional Central London days out, with 30% wanting to visit museums and exhibitions
  • Many Londoners are eager to get back to the capital’s guiltier pleasures, with 28% of residents missing fast food on the way home after a night out
  • The #1 experience Londoners most missed about trips into town is window-shopping and trying clothes on, with 33% wanting to update their wardrobe in person after the last year
  • Despite confidence that London will recover, 67% of respondents will be more cautious when returning to the centre of town

It’s clear to see that post-lockdown, you want shared experiences – dates in restaurants and having brunch with friends. You also want to do typically London things that you may never have done pre-pandemic – like finally going to that museum or exhibition. You’re also missing things you never thought you would – 14% of Londoners are looking forward to a chat with one of our drivers after a night out.

As well as looking forward to a chat on the way home, we’re as excited as you that London is re-opening, and we’re here to get you to your favourite bar, shop or sporting event safely and in style.

Throughout the lockdown we’ve put the safety of our passengers and drivers first, you can find out more here.

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