30th March 2023

Becoming a Minicab Driver

If you’re looking to earn a minicab driver salary, UK private hire operator Addison Lee offers excellent rates and added benefits for our fleet of drivers.

How Much do Minicab Drivers Earn?

Minicabs are also called private hire vehicles and shouldn’t be confused with regular taxis. Private hire vehicles look visually different to taxis, and the drivers operate differently.

  Taxi Minicab/Private Hire Vehicle (PHV)
Passengers May carry out pre-booked journeys

May wait on taxi ranks for a fare

May be ‘flagged down’ on the street

May only carry out pre-booked journeys arranged through a private hire operator
Vehicles Blue/white licence plate on the back of the vehicle

Blue/white window card in the front windscreen

‘Taxi’ sign on the roof

Yellow licence plate on the back of the vehicle

Yellow window card in the front windscreen

Fees Taxi fares are set by the council Minicab drivers have more control over their earnings


The earnings for minicab drivers in London are estimated at an average of £714 a week, or £2 762 a month. If you drive for a private hire operator like Addison Lee, you’ll also get plenty of benefits that help to minimise your expenses and keep your earnings high.

Our minicab drivers typically earn at least £1 000 a week before vehicle hire. Licenced PCO drivers who have their own car can earn higher – at least £1 500 a week for the first 4 weeks.

As a minicab driver, you can also claim a wide range of tax deductibles, including:

  • Fuel (petrol and/or diesel)
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Licence and registration fees
  • Courier insurance
  • Breakdown cover
  • Annual road tax
  • Vehicle service and repairs
  • MOT test
  • Toll fees
  • Parking fees
  • Phone bill (business usage)
  • Interest on vehicle loans
  • Accountancy fees
  • Advertising costs

Find out more about becoming a minicab driver with Addison Lee, London’s premium private hire service.


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