17th April 2018

Boston Business Travel Guide

Boston is the city that many people call home, a few names to mention such as; John Henry the principle owner of the Boston Red Sox and Boston Globe, Abigail Johnson the chairman and CEO of Fidelity investment, Jim Davis the chairman of New Balance to Robert Kraft the owner of the New England Patriots and Chairman and CEO of Kraft Group.

Often referred to as the Cradle of Liberty due to its role in the American Revolution, Boston is a well-balanced metropolis of professionals and academics alike, with an array to offer to anyone travelling to the destination for short terms trips.

We have a few suggestions for how to spend your time in the historic and character filled city of Boston.

Knowing Where to meet for those key business meetings…

Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre contains events space for everything from a small banquet or business meeting to a large convention. This is the perfect Massachusetts meeting spot for those key conversations with clients and colleagues alike. The facility features modern architecture and 2.1 million square feet of flexible exhibition space, all highlighted by sweeping waterfront views.

Known for its innovative facilities, state-of-the-art technologies and impeccable services, the BCEC is considered one of the States premier event and corporate meeting destinations. Once your meeting is done, you can have a simple walk, taking in the city’s historical heritage –  walk the freedom trail, have lunch along the harbour or visit Harvard and its museums.

Where to meet for a casual and relaxed meeting.

The Eastern Standard lives up to its name for a top spot on the East Coast – Eastern Standards 46-foot marble bar is the site where many classic cocktails have been brought back to life. High-ceilinged room features red leather banquettes, floor-to-ceiling glass doors, white linen-covered tables and high-tops of polished wood.

A historically-accurate cocktail list may divulge that you have the same taste in drinks as the late American novelist and esteemed Nobel Prize winner Hemingway.

If a prohibition style cocktails isn’t what you need at that moment, then look no further than the Eastern Standard plentiful food menu which will meet your needs; from brunch menu items such as Moules Provençale (Tomato, Fennel, White Wine) to the Grilled Ribeye (Bone In, Crushed Yukons, Garlic, Marrow Butter) there’s an array of delicacies for all.

Making the most of your trip before the flight home

Maybe your meeting finished earlier than initially planned and you are wondering how to spend your time before the flight home – however, being close to the airport is essential. You can schedule or reschedule an Addison Lee directly to Boston Logan International Airport, simply ask your driver to drop you off at the airports back entrance.

Why exit from the back entrance? If you cross Maverick Street you will end up on the Harborwalk with a pleasant view to take in before the flight home. The view and the relaxed mind state it provides only gets better as you take a leisurely stroll along the end of the Harbour waterfront, you will know your there once you see the Hyatt Hotel.

View the variety of boats and get a whiff of ocean breezes, with plenty of places to stop along the walk to eat or just have a seat and relax before the flight home.

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