2nd November 2016

You can now book in 4 more cities on the app and web

We are excited to announce that Addison Lee has added more cities to its already growing network. The update sees Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol and Glasgow available on the App and website. This brings the total cities available of the app and web to 8, with Manchester, Liverpool and Cambridge being added earlier this year.  We have listened to what you our passengers have been asking for and are glad that we are able to offer you the Addison Lee service in a number of cities.

This however is only the beginning, “We will be meeting with European Partners and looking at where we can offer the App next. We carefully select these partners and vet their operation, fleet and drivers to ensure passengers only get the best. This leads to something consistent in terms of service for those that travel internationally and also supports the domestic network on the app and web. It also compliments our offering in North America which is bookable over the phone. We are already testing in some European cities and early next year, passengers and bookers will be able to see some of these cities on the App” – Matt Ratcliffe, Global Partner Manager.

Book now on the App or web for when you are next travelling – It is easy to switch cities on your app.

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If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Network Partner please email – networkservices@addisonlee.com

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