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29th January 2018

Clearer payments based on your feedback

Customer service is very important to us at Addison Lee, and we continue to make improvements to our products and processes based on your feedback.

You told us that the way we process the journey cost and journey extras (parking, wait time etc.) wasn’t as clear as it could be. As a result, we have reviewed this process and made a number of changes to improve our service.

What will change?  We currently process the journey cost and any additional charges for your journey at different times, with additional charges coming out at a later date, and we do not state the difference on your bank statement between ‘journey cost’ and ‘additional charges’. To make this clearer for our customers, from Monday 19th February the journey cost and any additional charges will be processed at the same time.

These will also show on your bank statement as:

WWW.ADDISONLEE.COM for the Initial Journey Price

ADDISONLEE EXTRAS for any Additional Charges

We hope these changes will make using our service clearer, but as always we’re available to help should you have any questions. Our Customer Contact Centre is open 24/7 so please contact us on 020 7407  900.

We look forward to being at your service soon.

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