7th October 2015

CycleCab the New Service Offering for Cyclists

Off the back of our partnership announcement with Six Day, we are proud to announce we will be launching our new ‘CycleCab’ service. Cyclists will be able to select the CycleCab option when booking on the app or web and have their bike neatly fitted in the back of one of our cars.

Of the entire fleet the service will be available in 80% of our vehicles. Below is how the service will appear in the Addison Lee app. Cyclists will be able to request a car that they will be able to fit their bike in.cyclecab

We been working hard to repair our relationship with cyclists and have added various diplomas that our drivers need to pass in order to be eligible to become an Addison Lee driver. A big part of this training is cycle awareness.

Our drivers have let us know that they meet many passengers who would love this as an option, so we have answered their call. There are many reasons why this service could be needed. A bike may get a puncture, the rider having a few drinks, they may be feeling ill, London weather etc. All the cyclist needs to do now is open the app and request a CycleCab and we will be there to help you and your bike get to where you want to go.

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