28th July 2023

Do I Need to Take the TfL SERU Test to be a Private Hire Driver?

Yes, if you’re hoping to become a private hire driver, you’ll need to pass a TfL SERU assessment.

SERU stands for Safety, Equality and Regulatory Understanding, and it’s based on information found in the PHV Driver’s Handbook.

The SERU assessment is a computer-based test set out by Transport for London (TfL). Here’s what you need to know about the test:

Do I need to take the TfL SERU test?

Yes, all existing private hire or minicab drivers and all those applying to become drivers must pass the SERU test. As of April 2023, all new applicants must pass the SERU assessment before getting their licence. Those applying to renew their licence will also need to pass the test, on a date arranged by TfL.

The SERU assessment will test English reading and writing capabilities, and English speaking and listening will be covered in a separate test.

Why do I need to take the TfL SERU assessment?

The SERU assessment is designed to test your understanding of the rules and regulations in your PHV Driver’s Handbook. This helps to ensure that all PHV drivers follow the rules of the road correctly, protecting the safety of passengers and other road users.

PHV services are an integral part of transport in London, and it’s important to make sure all licenced drivers can offer high standards of safety and customer service. This is why the SERU test is such an important part of your training.

How to book the TfL SERU assessment?

You can’t book the SERU test yourself – Transport for London will invite you to take the test. TfL will email you with an assessment date and examination centre location, as well as any other information you might need. All PHV drivers will receive this email invite before the end of March 2025.

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