17th June 2022

Do Taxi Drivers Own their Cars?

As a taxi and minicab driver working in the UK, you’ll find it’s much easier and more cost-effective to hire a vehicle from a reputable operator like Addison Lee, rather than use your own car as a private hire vehicle.

Do taxi drivers and minicab drivers own their cabs? Not necessarily. Many drivers choose to rent their cabs or vehicles , rather than jump through the hoops needed to licence a personal vehicle for private hire use.

Lowest Vehicle Rental Rates from Addison Lee

In order to be registered as a private hire vehicle (PHV), your vehicle must be appropriately licensed, meet the UK’s newest emission requirements and pass a vehicle inspection.

Addison Lee offers drivers the lowest vehicle rental rates on the market, with rentals starting at just £165 a week. Our drivers drive electric vehicles, which are safe and comfortable and typically newer than 3 years old, making them a pleasure to drive.

Our UK fleet is fully compliant with the latest low emission requirements from Transport for London. The vehicles are regularly maintained by our dedicated service technicians. They also regularly undergo deep cleaning and sanitising, to ensure the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers alike.

Vehicle Maintenance & Insurance for Private Hire Drivers

Unlike other taxi and minicab driver jobs, we offer a fully inclusive vehicle rental scheme, which includes in-house vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair as well as comprehensive insurance coverage.

Addison Lee also takes care of the following for drivers:

  • MOT and PHV checks
  • Road tax
  • Roadside aid
  • Accident management services
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Fine, penalty and parking ticket administration and support
  • Car washing and cleaning
  • A replacement vehicle to keep you earning if your car or van breaks down

Because of this, working with Addison Lee means you can maximise your time on the road, and never miss an opportunity to earn money as a driver. Not only that, the more journeys you complete, the cheaper the weekly vehicle rental charges will become.

Do taxi drivers pay for their own gas? As a self-employed driver, it will be your responsibility to pay for fuel while you’re on the road. However, you may claim these costs back in your tax return, and Addison Lee support drivers with Fuel Cards and access to preferential charging rates.

We pride ourselves on taking care of our drivers. Join the Addison Lee team today to benefit from our affordable, all-inclusive vehicle rental packages.

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