14th November 2023

Who can Addison Lee drivers speak to if you have questions about the job?

Whether you’re already an Addison Lee driver or looking to become one, if you have questions about the job, our support team can help. Always remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question – when in doubt, just ask.

We want to make sure that your driving experience is as seamless and easy as possible, so here’s what to do if you have questions about the job.

Questions about becoming a driver? Here’s what to do

If you’re considering becoming an Addison Lee driver, but have a few questions in mind first, there are a few different ways to get the answers you need.

Firstly, you can get in touch with a member of our team. They’ll be happy to talk through your questions, guide you through everything you need to know before you start, and answer any questions you have about the job. You can send us an email at drivers@addisonlee.com or call 0207 255 4204.

Before reaching out to us, it’s worth checking out our knowledge base and FAQs. You might find that your question has already been answered.

Click here to start your journey as a driver with Addison Lee.

What should Addison Lee drivers do if they have questions?

If you have questions about the job, please remember that our team is always here to give you the support you need – just get in touch with a member of our driver support team by emailing us at drivers@addisonlee.com or calling us on 0207 255 4204.

As an Addison Lee driver, you also have access to a dedicated knowledge base full of questions and answers that might be of interest to you.

What to do when clients or customers have questions

The options above are perfect if you have your own questions, but what if a customer or client has questions that you can’t answer?

If an Addison Lee customer has questions, refer them to our knowledge base and frequently asked questions page, or direct them straight to the Addison Lee help & support page.

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