picture of support bubble advertisement provided by Addison Lee
4th November 2020

Essential Journeys

Honestly, another lockdown is the last thing that any of us wanted, particularly in the pre-Christmas period. No local for a pint ( http://www.blythehilltavern.org.uk/ ) with colleagues and friends. No table at our favourite trattoria (https://www.lapizzaitalia.com/) for at least a month. The somewhat unhinged winter swims at our local lido ( https://www.better.org.uk/leisure-centre/london/greenwich/charlton-lido ) on hold ‘til December. And any thoughts of some early festive shopping at West End boutiques ( https://www.tattydevine.com/ ) have gone for a burton for now. However, wonderful as all those things are (although the lido is really only wonderful in winter once you’re stood in a hot shower afterwards), protecting lives and our NHS is more important right now.

Even as we take necessary measures to fight COVID-19 and limit travel to essential journeys, there are still some trips that still need to happen. The visit to see mum as part of a support bubble. Travelling to the hospital as a key worker to protect the people. Delivering a contract to seal a business deal. Sending a birthday cake to someone you love but can’t see in person. Making sure your front desk staff get to the office. All of these are essential – and when you need to arrive safely or make sure something special makes it there in one piece and on time, Addison Lee is here to help.

Safety has always been at the core of Addison Lee’s service, and we’ve built on this over the last seven months to protect our customers and drivers. Central to this is our Safer Journey Initiative – a range of measures to ensure you can travel in comfort and safety. These include regular deep anti-microbial cleaning of our cars, cleaning of key touchpoints after every journey and the installation of TfL-approved partition screens across our standard car fleet – the only major car service in London to do so. The courier fleet and drivers adhere to the same set of standards, so you can be sure of consistency, however you use Addison Lee.

So when you really have to travel or send something over the coming weeks and you want to do it safely, there’s one choice for essentiAL journeys. For the rest of the time, stay safe and protect the NHS. And maybe we’ll see you at the Lido in December…..

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