11th June 2021

Where to watch the Euro’s 2020 in London

If ‘where can I watch the football tonight’  is the only thing on your mind right now, we’ve got you covered!

It’s almost time for the games to begin, so get your kit on and get ready to enjoy a summer filled with epic goals, sunny skies and plenty of football cheer.

One year later than originally planned, the UEFA 2020 European Football Championship begins on Friday 11th June 2021 and with lockdown restrictions coming to an end, there is even more reason to celebrate and soak up the fun football atmosphere.

From parks and stadiums, to pubs, city beaches and rooftop bars, get out into the city and never miss a game with our guide.

Best places to watch the football in London

Kick off with a view

Once you commit to the game, that’s it. You’ve signed up for the heroic performances, the nail biting cliff-hangers, the laughter, the frustration and maybe even some disappointment. It all goes with the territory, so while you ride your emotional rollercoaster, why not do it with an epic view?

Elevate your Euro experience at one of London’s favourite rooftop bars. Grab some drinks and soak up some vitamin D while catching all the action at The Skylight, or London Bridge Rooftop, so you can watch the game and enjoy the dazzling city skyline.

Witness the action outdoors

Kick it off alfresco at some of the city’s most loved pub gardens. Prepare for the possibility of some penalties while enjoying the big screen experience and a complimentary pint at The Prince, or get ready for the footie thrills at one of London’s most popular outdoor drinking destinations The Duke of Edinburgh.

If those venues aren’t raucous enough for you, make the most out of a summer in the city and cheer on your favourite team while sipping on an ice-cold bottle of beer or summer cocktail at London’s favourite beach, Neverland.

Hotspots for the superfans

Go football mad and fully immerse yourself in the nail-biting action at the London venues showing the games on a big screen – it might even have you feeling like your pitch side. Get the drinks flowing and enjoy screenings at London Bridge hotspot The Vinegar Yard or head over to G.O.A.T pop up for a stadium-like atmosphere. If you want to dive into the football euphoria, try your luck at grabbing tickets to the fan parks at Oval space, and Trafalgar Square.

Get set for a festival of football in some of the city’s finest spots. Absorb all the action and start making plans to experience the Euro’s like never before.

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