30th November 2018

Festive team socials

Planning a social that your whole team will enjoy can be a difficult task. Luckily we’re in London, where the endless array of festive options will surely help to make your decision easier. To help you out this December, we’ve curated a list great options for team-building and full-on festive fun!


Flight Club

Are you in the mood for delicious food, a few cocktails and… some dart throwing? Look no further than Flight Club! It provides a great team-building atmosphere, and a relaxed experience that even a darts novice will enjoy.

Head to the website to view the experience.

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Ballie Ballerson

It’s not your typical evening, to say the least, but the adult playground at Ballie Ballerson provides an unforgettable night out nonetheless. The concept is simple: a giant ball pit for grownups, with the welcome addition of a cocktail bar!

Want to find out more? Head over to their website.

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Mad Hatter’s Tea at Sanderson

If you’re keen on quirky fun but perhaps want a slightly quieter setting, the Mad Hatter’s Tea at Sanderson is the perfect option. With menus hidden inside vintage books, picturesque Alice-inspired settings and the option to turn afternoon tea into a boozy evening, it’s an option with something to charm everyone.

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The Crystal Maze

Offering peak cult gameshow 90’s nostalgia, we suggest you try out the Crystal Maze Live experience, which is sure to bring out the competitive edge in your team as well as the laughs.

With the option for private hire, it’s a great opportunity to spend valuable time with colleagues.

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