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21st July 2020

Getting London to work safely

With back-to-work guidelines changing, some of you may be discussing a return to the office. At Addison Lee, our focus is on helping you get around safely during the pandemic and beyond and so we commissioned a survey of 1000 London commuters to find out what you’re thinking around your commute and how we can help.

56% of you are planning to do your journey to work differently – perhaps avoiding rush hour or attempting a different type of commute. For 40% of you, you’re planning to use private hire vehicles. Walking’s going to play a bigger part with 28% of you completing at least part of your journey on foot.

We also asked what would make you feel safe on your commute:

  • 69% of you said regular disinfection of public transport
  • 65% said enforcement of social distancing
  • 62% said readily available hand sanitiser

We’ve listened to you, and launched our Safer Journey Initiative (SJI) – a range of measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of both you and your driver. These include regular deep cleaning of our cars with an electrostatic spray that kills 99.99% of germs, closing our front passenger seat and asking passengers to use our rear seats to encourage social distancing and regular provision to all our drivers of PPE including hand sanitiser. You can see the SJI in action in this film, which we’ll promoting over the coming weeks.

Our Safer Journey Initiative is designed to protect both drivers and our passengers – so if you need to go to the office, we will get you there in safety and comfort.

To learn more about our Safer Journey Initiative, check out our Safety Hub here. To book a journey with us, click here.

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