8th February 2021

Giving A Lift To The Urban Vintage Affair

Back in December we announced the winners or our Give A Lift competition, which ran on Facebook and gave 10 London businesses the chance to win an Addison Lee business account with £500 credit.

Recently, we spoke to winners Newman Pearce Tailoring who told us how they are using their winning account for charitable work. You can read the full interview here.

Next up in our check in with winners of our Give a Lift competition is Natasha Francis, owner of The Urban Vintage Affair, an Islington lifestyle brand, selling antique and vintage pieces.

How has your business felt the effects of lockdown and how has it adapted as a result?

The sourcing of products has been difficult, as most of my sources don’t sell online and it’s been a struggle to manage quality and condition when trading antiques virtually. The plus is that my brand is online only, so there is more traffic and selling opportunity through website and social media which I have been working hard on.

Now more brands are increasing their online presence, I am trying to offer more unique customer service to stand out from the crowd.

How have you put your Addison Lee account to use during this time?

My Addison Lee account has been especially helpful when delivering awkwardly shaped and heavy items to my customers around London. I can confidently load up without having to worry about wrapping and boxing up, as I know the items will be handled with care.

I use the courier service to get small pieces of furniture to their new home, quickly and securely.

What are you looking forward to as a business post lockdown and how will the Addison Lee account help?

I don’t drive so post lockdown I am really looking forwards to going to the antique fairs and loading up an Addison Lee van with everything I find!

We’ve loved catching up with our winners, from all different industries to hear about the creative ways they’ve put their winning accounts to use during a difficult time for their business.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Urban Vintage Affair are currently trialling Addison Lee’s brand-new, two-hour delivery service that gives local London businesses a better, faster way to deliver to their customers. Find out more about AL Now, here.

To find out more, and shop The Urban Vintage Affair, visit https://theurbanvintageaffair.com/

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