14th November 2023

Holiday Benefits for Taxi Drivers

When you’re on holiday, worrying about what’s going to happen to your car while you’re away should be the least of your concern. Thankfully, Addison Lee has you covered — here are some of the holiday benefits that we offer our drivers:

Holiday Break Payment

We are proud to be the only firm that offers a holiday break payment. For every 12 weeks that you work, you can accrue between £150-£450 worth of credits. These can be used anytime to pay for your vehicle when you decide to go on holiday, meaning that you may be eligible to pay zero rent for your car while you’re away.

Start Bonus

After 12 weeks, every new driver is entitled to a generous £1200 start bonus if they complete 21 jobs each week and sign their second contract – which is automatically credited to your driver account. Most drivers typically use this to take free vehicle weeks or to have rent-free time to go on holiday.

Holiday Pay

Addison Lee is one of the only ground transportation companies that offer drivers holiday pay. We believe that our drivers deserve a break and shouldn’t have to worry about sacrificing income if they go on holiday. As an Addison Lee driver, you can earn more than £225, or 12.07% of your weekly income, towards your holiday. You can then use this for whatever you like, like paying for your vehicle.

Vehicle Scheme

Depending on your circumstances and whether you are a permanent Addison Lee driver, we can offer you a generous vehicle scheme. With this scheme, the more journeys you complete, the cheaper the weekly vehicle rental charges become.

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