17th June 2022

How Much do London Taxi Drivers Earn?

How much does a London cabbie earn? Driving for a good operator means you can easily earn the London living wage (£11.05 an hour) or more.

Working as a London taxi driver and minicab driver gives you the flexibility to set your own hours – but how much can you expect to earn during your time on the road? Here’s what you could potentially earn as a taxi driver in London, according to top job sites.

How Much do London Taxi Drivers Make?

Indeed and Talent.com have calculated the average base salary for London taxi drivers as follows:

Company Hourly Daily Monthly Yearly
Indeed £19.86 £204 £2,287 £32,303
Talent.com £20 £150 £3,250 £39,000

How does this compare to the current living wage for Londoners, and those in the greater United Kingdom?

The good news is, the average hourly earnings for a London taxi driver are currently significantly higher than the London living wage.


Living Wage
UK Living Wage
Outside of London
London Taxi
Driver Wages
£11.05 per hour £9.90 per hour Up to £20 per hour

Excellent Rental Deals for London Taxi Drivers

Addison Lee guarantees that all taxi drivers will earn at least the London living wage, and can earn up to an average of £1 000 a week before vehicle hire.

To ensure that hiring costs don’t impact your earnings unnecessarily, Addison Lee also offers some of the lowest car rental rates on the market for London taxis. Drivers can pay anything between £15 and £165 to hire our fully maintained electric vehicles, with in-house servicing, repairs and insurance included. Drivers who reach their weekly points target will pay nothing for their vehicle.

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