17th June 2022

How much does a chauffeur earn?

How much can a chauffeur earn, and is a career as a chauffeur something you should consider? Here’s a look at what makes this private driver job so appealing.

Chauffeurs and other private hire drivers enjoy a strong job outlook, with more people choosing to hire a driver’s services to get around the city, rather than drive themselves. So, how much can you earn when you work as a chauffeur?

How Much can a Chauffeur Earn?

Indeed estimates the average base salary for chauffeurs in the UK is as follows:

Time UK Chauffeur Salary London Chauffeur Salary
Hourly £13.52 £15.76
Daily £139 £162
Monthly £2,221 £2,588
Yearly £31,372 £36,551

The hourly rate for chauffeurs in London and in the greater UK is higher than the London living wage of £11.05 per hour.

Driving with Addison Lee allows you to earn as much as £1,600 a week, making it a lucrative career option that makes it easy to save for your future. Addison Lee also provides an industry-leading pension scheme as an option for all drivers.

How To become a Chauffeur Driver 

There are a few basic criteria you need to meet to become a chauffeur in the United Kingdom:

  • Meet the minimum age requirement (21 years)
  • Have the right to live and work in the UK
  • Hold a valid driving licence
  • Hold a valid Public Carriage Office (PCO) private hire licence
  • Meet the medical fitness requirements

You’ll need to pass a topographical skills assessment and a Safety, Equality and Regulatory Understanding (SERU) assessment, as well as a criminal record check.

Do you want to become a chauffeur driving for one of London’s top operators?

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