17th June 2022

How Much does a Courier Driver Earn?

What is the average salary of a delivery driver? Working as a courier for a reputable operator means you can easily earn above the London living wage.

Working as a courier gives you great flexibility and reliable income, but is it financially rewarding? Here’s what you can expect to earn as a courier.

How Much does a Delivery Driver Earn? UK Rates for Couriers

Indeed estimates the following average base salary for courier drivers, in London and in the greater United Kingdom:

Time UK Courier Drivers London Courier Drivers
Hourly £13.49 £14.60
Daily £186 £201
Monthly £1,575 £1,704
Yearly £22, 239 £24,072

Meanwhile, Talent.com has calculated these median average salaries:

Time UK Courier Drivers London Courier Drivers
Hourly £14.65 £17.93
Daily £110 £134
Monthly £2,381 £2,913
Yearly £28,575 £34,954

These earnings exceed the London living wage of £11.05 per hour.

How Much does a Courier Driver Earn with Addison Lee?

London-based operator Addison Lee offers excellent payment rates for courier drivers. Our client base is made up of more than 23 000 high-value customers, which means there’s always work available. Driving for us provides you with consistent work and allows you to earn a guarantee of £750 per week in your first month.

To help you maximise your earnings as a courier, we offer free van rental and don’t charge any Congestion Zone fees. We have a fleet of well-maintained vans, all of which are less than 4 years old. We also use a bespoke computer application system to ensure that we distribute the available work fairly.

Courier drivers receive continuous support from the controllers and backroom staff at Addison Lee headquarters, including administrative support like assistance with tax returns. Each courier job is electronically recorded, so drivers can rest assured they will get prompt payments.

Join our driver team today to find out how much couriers can earn when driving for a reputable London operator.

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