17th June 2022

How Much Does a Private Hire Driver Earn in the UK?

How much does a taxi driver earn in London in 2022? Is it enough to keep you afloat, and can you make enough to thrive in today’s economy?

Whether you’re an experienced driver or interested in becoming a taxi driver for the first time, there is no better time to enter the industry. With licenced PCO drivers in huge demand across the capital, you’re in a position to capture plenty of potential business and increase your earning potential.

Working as a private hire taxi driver is an appealing career choice if you’re interested in controlling when and how often you work. The job enables you to set your own hours and determine how much time you spend working. The amount you earn is proportionate to the number of hours you work, which means you can adjust your schedule to fit your budget.

What is the average salary of a taxi driver?

  • In the UK, £28 296 a year, or £17.40 an hour – According to Indeed
  • In London, £32 303 a year, or £19.86 an hour, which is comfortably above the London living wage of £11.05
  • Alternatively, £33 800 a year, with even higher earning potential of over £46 000 for more experienced drivers – According to Talent.com

 How much does a taxi driver earn with Addison Lee?

Driving for the right company means you can easily earn at least the London Living Wage and beyond. At Addison Lee, drivers are guaranteed to earn £5,000 in their first month, and average weekly earnings are around £1,000 before vehicle hire.

When considering total earnings, it’s also worth noting that car rental and maintenance need to be taken into account, and rates and maintenance packages differ depending on the company you work for.

Taxi Driver Salary and Car Rental Rates

 As a taxi driver, your earnings will be impacted by how much you pay to rent or maintain a car. Addison Lee provides some of the lowest car rental rates on the market for private hire drivers, with the potential to pay nothing at all depending on the number of jobs you complete.

We provide safe, comfortable and well-maintained electric vehicles, which are a pleasure to use for drivers and passengers alike. The rental plan for taxi drivers includes everything from services and vehicle maintenance to insurance, roadside assistance, cleaning and more.

Become a Private Hire Driver

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