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24th January 2020

London’s Best Date Spots

Whether you’re looking for somewhere relaxed and cosy for that long-awaited date night with your spouse (but need to be home in time for the babysitter) or you’re pulling out all the stops for a promising tinder match, London is a city for lovers. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite date spots from across the capital to give you a few ideas. Although there’s all this and more to choose from, if one thing’s for certain it’s that the mood shouldn’t be ruined by worrying about traffic, finding a parking space or battling the tube crowds – start and finish your special evening with an Addison Lee.

  1. The Covent Garden Comedy Club

We all know the couple that laughs together stays together! The Covent Garden Comedy Club are famous from bringing the biggest names in comedy onstage for hilarious evenings in a chilled out setting.

  1. Skylight

Take in the sunset over a glass of wine together at Skylight, an atmospheric rooftop bar in the Tobacco Dock and one of London’s most romantic lookout points. As it’s winter, you can even glide (or stagger) hand in hand on their ice skating rink, or snuggle up under one of the heated blankets

  1. Borough Market

Both foodies? Can’t agree on where to have lunch? Head over to Southwark’s famous Borough Market, where a dizzying array of mouth-watering options will have you both spoilt for choice. Whether you’re craving sweet or savoury, seafood or soft French cheese, you’re bound to be united in satisfaction.

  1. Gordon’s Wine Bar

A first date favourite for a reason, Gordon’s Wine Bar serves award-winning wines in an elegant setting on Embankment. Widely thought to be London’s oldest wine bar (dating all the way back to 1890), its candlelit nooks create a perfect balance of romantic and cosy.

  1. The Aqua Shard

Maybe it’s a special anniversary, or perhaps you just feel like treating your other half (after all, do you need a reason?) – either way, London’s Aqua Shard is widely acknowledged to provide the most spectacular panoramic views to be had anywhere in the city. Added to that, the food and drink is nothing short of exceptional – just make sure you book in advance.

  1. Clos Maggiore

A quaint, cosy setting amidst the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, Clos Maggiore caters expertly to both winter and summer diners, with its retractable roof ensuring that it’s toasty and private in the cold months, and open for al fresco dining and star-gazing in high summer. It’s known as a popular place to propose, which should give you some idea about its romantic credentials.

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