16th May 2023

PCO Licence Renewal for Private Hire Drivers

To work as a private hire driver or taxi driver, you need a Public Carriage Office (PCO) driving licence. How often should you renew this licence, and what steps should you take?

A PCO licence is valid for 3 years after its date of issue. You need to keep your licence current to legally work as a PHV or taxi driver, so make sure you start the renewal process in good time.

How Long does it take to Renew a PCO Licence?

Processing and renewing a PCO licence can take up to 6 weeks. Make sure you don’t leave it too late to apply for the renewal, or your licence will expire, which means you could lose income.

You can still apply for your PCO renewal within 3 months after the old one expires, but if you don’t do this, TfL will remove you from their system. If you want to reapply after that, you’ll have to go through the first-time process for new applicants.

What Do I Need to Renew My PCO Licence?

Follow these steps to renew your PCO licence:

1. You should get a renewal pack from Transport for London (TfL) around 4 months before your licence expires. Complete the forms and send them back to TfL. You must also return your old licence within 7 days of expiring.

2. Apply for a new enhanced DBS certificate. You can save yourself time by signing up to the DBS update service, so you won’t have to apply for a new check every time you renew your PCO licence. Read more about the DBS criminal records check process here.

3. You must pass a medical exam to prove you’re fit to work as a private hire driver. Print and complete the TPH/204 medical form, then see your GP for a check-up, so they can sign the form too.

4. Provide a recent photograph of yourself, following the TfL photo standards guidelines.

5. Complete the Safeguarding Awareness training online. This training helps drivers to identify situations where children of vulnerable adults might be in danger of harm, and provides important information on what to do in these situations.

6. Complete any new documents that the TfL has added to their requirements since your last application.

7. Pay the licence application fee of £170.

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