19th March 2019

Helping you sustain the perfect work life balance

Even (or especially) for those with demanding careers, creating a healthy balance between work and play is essential to your wellbeing, both in terms of being productive and being happy. It can take practice, but to help you start achieving that work-life balance, we’ve come up with a few recommendations that we hope you’ll find helpful:

  1. Early mornings aren’t the enemy – use them wisely:

Using your 24 hours a day wisely means enjoying your mornings. Waking up a just an hour or two earlier than you normally would (for those who love lying in bed) gives you a couple of hours of calm, quiet productive time before your day really must get started. How you use these hours is up to you – whether it’s to workout, make yourself a healthy breakfast, or simply enjoy some ‘me’ time.

  1. Make your eating habits count:

We’ve mentioned that making a healthy breakfast being a great way to utilise early mornings, but health isn’t just for your morning routine – it should be ongoing throughout your week. A diet full of fruit, veggies, and lean protein can help boost your brain power and wellbeing, and is crucial to keeping you going throughout the day, both mentally and physically.

  1. What needs to be done today?

We know that people often feel like planning and scheduling their day becomes just another thing to do, taking up more precious time. However, sometimes being productive means you need an hour-by-hour schedule, for both your work and personal life.

Knowing that you have certain timeframes to complete activities reduces time wasted on procrastinating about your next task and, more importantly, ensures that you stay on schedule. When planning out your day it’s easy to forget about friends, family and you-time. Make sure you also prioritise real-life events into your daily schedule too.

  1. Happy thoughts on a Sunday

The Sunday Blues are definitely real, but you can develop a routine that prevents you from wasting the final hours of your weekend moping around, watching the clock and dreading Monday morning. However if you’re having a glass of wine with your significant other, catching a film at the cinema, or out for a healthy dinner, you can stave off those pre-work anxieties by living in the moment – and prevent them from getting in the way of perfect work-life balance.

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