28th March 2018

Pet Friendly Vehicle

At Addison Lee, we know how important your pets are to you. Book a Pet Friendly Vehicle and there’s no need to leave your best friend behind anymore, or risk unnecessary anxiety or injury from public transport.

Whether you’re taking your furry friend to the vets, the groomers or you’ve simply discovered a new park you think they’d love to explore, you can choose a Pet Friendly Vehicle on the Addison Lee App and relax safe in the knowledge that your driver will transport you and your pet to your destination in comfort and style.

How to select Pet Friendly Vehicle on the Addison Lee App

Select ‘Pick Me Up Now’ or ‘Pick Me Up Later’. Tap the car and select Pet Friendly Vehicle from the list of services. Then enter your pick-up and drop-off location as usual.

Terms & Conditions

The service is suitable for dogs, cats, and other typical household pets. Please be advised that if you’re travelling with a lizard, uncaged bird, a monkey, or any other exotic or less common pet, your driver will have right of refusal!

We do not carry livestock as this is a restriction on our insurance policy, even if the animal is treated as a pet.

There is a standard vehicle cleaning which will apply if pets leave a mess in the vehicle.

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