15th September 2015

Pick your Team and get up to 7 discounted journeys

The World Cup is nearly upon us and since it is in our own backyard it is fitting that Addison Lee do its part to make it easier to get behind your team. It doesn’t matter if you support England, the All Blacks or the tournament minnows Namibia. Addison Lee will give you the chance to fully celebrate the Rugby with up to 7 discounted journeys and #RugLee.

Pick your team

So looking at that image some of you may be thinking this seems rather complicated, but in fact it is all rather straight forward. What the image above displays is how our promos will progress along with the stages of the world cup.

The breakdown:

  • Pools game = 20% off 4 journeys (four promos available during the pools games. Only the code you pick can be used for pool stage. E.g ENGLAND20)
  • Quarter final = 30% off 1 journey (one promo use only. E.g. ENGLAND30)
  • Semi-final = 40% off 1 journey (one promo use only. E.g. ENGLAND40)
  • Final = 50% off 1 journey (one promo use only. E.g ENGLAND50, hopefully)

We are offering you the chance to have up to 7 discounted journeys. You may think that why would you pick Namibia if they are not going to make it through the pool stage? Well that is why after each stage of the World Cup we will be resetting the promo selection and you can pick again. So if you did pick Namibia and they didn’t make it, you can now for the quarter final pick a new team. E.g. ENGLAND30. The same can be done for the semi final and final stages so no matter what you can ride for discounts all the way through.

A customer would potentially be entitled to claim up to 7 separate journey discounts. You could also get 20 more with our Spot, Post and Win #RugLee promotion.

How to activate your promo code:

  1. New to Addison Lee? Sign up by clicking here
  2. Open the app
  3. Order your cab (pre-book or right away)
  4. Enter the promo code for your favourite team
  5. Relax and watch the games

The valid dates for the promo are as follows:

20% off 4 journeys during the pool stage Friday 18th September – Sunday 11th October 23:59pm

30% off 1 journey during the Quarter finals Saturday 17th October – Sunday 18th October 23:59pm

40% off 1 journey during the Semi-finals Saturday 24th October – Sunday 25th October 23:59pm

50% off 1 journey during the Final Saturday 31st October until 23:59pm

Please note: that this promo is only valid through the use of the app and debit/credit card only

You can read the full T&C’s here

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