5th August 2021

Best places in London to avoid crowds

Eager to get out the house but don’t fancy a jostle in London’s most crowded places? We’ve got a game plan!

With everyone visiting their favourite haunts for a taste of post-lockdown freedom, London crowds are surging. But not everyone loves a jam-packed day out anymore.

For many, the lifting of restrictions was one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year. For others, the prospect of facing crowded public spaces triggered major anxiety.

7 in 10 Brits felt edgy on the run-up to July 19th, and unsurprisingly, most of our worries continue to be around crowded spaces. Although there are loads of fun things to do in London, bookings are jam-packed, and the crowds are huge. Around 5 in 10 people are terrified of overloaded shops, and 3 in 10 have major concerns about wall-to-wall pubs and clubs.


Busy London Crowds

August will be one of London’s most overcrowded months  

London receives more than 20 million visits a year, and after a dip during the pandemic, numbers are on the rise again.

According to data on footfall for London’s tourist attractions, school holidays and historical stats, August is predicted to be the capital’s most crowded month of the year so far, with a congestion score of 95 out of a possible 100!

With the warm weather, continuing international travel restrictions and months of pent-up energy to expend, the capital is set to see a record number of visitors out and about.

The first three weekends in August are predicted to be the worst for crowds. Weekends are expected to peak at a congestion score of 95, compared to quieter Mondays and Tuesdays, which score around 70.

Game plan to avoid major crowds

Every Londoner knows it’s virtually impossible to avoid throngs of people in one of the busiest cities in the world, but we can certainly try!

We analysed Google search trend data to identify the least searched attractions in London and used August crowd forecasts to plan when you should visit them. The result?  The ultimate game plan to avoid tons of people while you explore the city!


Tate Modern in London

Plan activities later in August for a quieter time

London will be teeming with people for the first half of August, but crowds are predicted to slow down from the 23rd onwards. The last weekend in August is set to be the least crowded, scoring 86 out of 100 for congestion compared to 95 across the rest of August’s weekends.

Forecasts show that the quietest days of the month will be the last two in August – Monday the 30th and Tuesday the 31st, scoring just 53 out of 100. Take advantage (but don’t tell anyone else!).

Visit the least Googled attractions and hotspots

Don’t be a tourist in London, at least not now! Analysing Google searches across some of London’s most popular tourist attractions and locations helps us identify those least in demand right now – and maybe worth a sneaky visit?

According to the data, Kew Gardens, London Zoo, Tate Modern and the Natural History Museum are in high demand. At the same time, Regent’s Park, Wembley Stadium, Camden Market and Tower Bridge have less interest. So, if you’re in the mood to avoid a crowd, perhaps these areas will do.

London hotspotNumber of people searching for it each month
Kew Gardens201,000
London Zoo165,000
Tate Modern165,000
Natural History Museum135,000
Buckingham palace110,000
British Museum110,000
London Eye110,000
Tower of London90,500
The Shard90,500
Hyde Park74,000
Big Ben74,000
Museum of London60,500
Tower Bridge60,500
Camden Market60,500
Wembley Stadium60,500
Regents Park60,500
Imperial War Museum49,500
Covent Garden49,500
St Paul’s Cathedral49,500
Madame Tussauds49,500
Trafalgar Square40,500
Royal Albert Hall40,500
London Dungeons40,500
Hampton Court Palace40,500
Kensington Palace40,500
British Library40,500
Westminster Abbey33,100
National Theatre33,100
Piccadilly Circus27,100
South Bank22,200

Travel around London safely

Whether you’re avoiding the crowds or heading right into the thick of it to see the best things in London, we’ll get you around fast and safe.


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