14th November 2023

The Pros & Cons of Multi-App Driving

Switching between multiple ride-hailing or taxi apps has become popular among the professional driver community. Whilst multi-app driving has certain advantages, it’s important to note some disadvantages, too. Here’s a complete list of the pros and cons of multi-app driving so you can decide whether this driving style is right for you.


More jobs, more choice. Using multiple apps will give you more access to more customers. It means there will be less downtime during slow periods and more choice over the location, distance, and difficulty of jobs.

Less waiting. With access to multiple apps, you can hop between whichever app has the most demand at any given time. It also means that if an app experiences technical issues, you can switch to one that’s working correctly.

Surge pricing. Some taxi and ridesharing companies implement increased or ‘surge’ pricing during periods of peak demand. Using multiple apps, you can quickly switch to whichever has implemented a surge price to maximise income.

Bonuses & incentives. Some taxi and ridesharing providers will give bonuses and other perks to drivers who meet certain performance expectations. You can significantly boost your income by meeting these expectations on multiple apps.


Learning curve. Each app has a different interface, a different way of accepting and managing jobs, and many other unique features. Learning all these nuances can be tricky, confusing, and lead to distractions on the road, which is never a good thing.

Increased admin. Managing multiple apps and accounts can multiply your admin significantly. Keeping track of earnings, bonus criteria, and any training or other requirements can be a job in and of itself. Sticking to one app will keep your admin lightweight and streamlined.

Distractions. Fielding notifications from multiple apps creates a distraction on the road that could impact your safety and your passengers. Using just a single app keeps things straightforward and easy to handle on the road.

Double ups. If you accidentally double-book yourself, you’ll have to cancel a job or two. Most customers will find this extremely frustrating, and negative reviews will impact your ability to drive with providers.

Breaking platform rules. Many app providers have rules in place against multi-app driving. Certain providers may remove your right to drive with them if you are suspected of breaching their rules.

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