25th March 2020


Here at Addison Lee, we’re very proud of our dedicated 600-strong army of couriers: they travel cross-country and internationally, through the night and through rain, snow, sleet or shine to make sure your packages are delivered on time. In fact, they complete around a million journeys a year, delivering around two million packages!

And what have they been delivering, I hear you ask? The answer is – pretty much anything you can think of. Our couriers have reported delivering everything from wedding cakes and diamond rings to rolls of turf for people’s gardens, taxidermy items, forgotten passports and even the left-behind football kits for an entire team.

Of course, most often they will find themselves in charge of delivering documents; whether these are important contracts, dossiers, NDA’s or invitations, Addison Lee’s professional couriers make sure that they arrive safe, secure and on time. One thing’s for sure, though: whether it’s documents, cake or your forgotten football kit, we will deliver it promptly, securely and to the same professional standards. What’s more, with our in-app tracking facilities, you can keep track of your driver’s progress.

With more companies now asking their staff to work from home and avoid non-essential travel, we can be relied upon to transport any necessary documents back and forth with minimal hassle. Simply visit our website or log onto the Addison Lee app, and select the service vehicle that’s most appropriate for the size of your package: you can choose from a bike, motorbike, small van and large van. Then simply enter your timeframe – we will give you a quote and can be on our way as soon as you’ve booked.

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