Romania Ruglee
21st August 2015

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The Oaks of Romania

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Ruglee Romania

Romania has a proud rugby history. They have taken part in all seven tournaments. Something South Africa cannot even boast (although they were excluded due to political reasons). In a group with three other European teams Romania will have their work cut out for them. However that won’t dishearten the fans that travel from mainland Europe. So get behind Romania and celebrate the Rugby coming to London with #RugLee. Just for being a fan we are going to give you the chance to use 7 discounts. For the pool games you will have 4 opportunities to use the code ROMANIA20. During the pool stage (September 19th – October 11th) you can enter ROMANIA20 in when you open the app and you get 20% off your journey.

Enter above to receive your promo code and complete additional tasks to increase your chances of winning spot prizes. And remember discounts go up to 50%

On a side note: It doesn’t matter if you are not a fan of rugby. You can still use these promo codes to get discounted rides in your next journeys.

France, Sept 23 8pm, Olympic Stadium, London
Ireland, Sept 27 4.45pm, Olympic Stadium, London
Canada, Oct 6 4.45pm, King Power Stadium, Leicester
Italy, Oct 11, 2.30pm, Sandy Park, Exeter

World Ranking 17

1987 Pool
1991 Pool
1995 Pool
1999 Pool
2003 Pool
2007 Pool
2011 Pool

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