Screenshot of car ride booking snooze provided by Addison Lee.
8th December 2016

Snooze Your Journey

Whether your meeting has overrun, your dinner date is going better than expected or you haven’t quite finished your shopping our Snooze feature is the ideal solution. You needn’t worry about leaving your driver waiting as Snooze allows you to delay your booking without having to cancel and re-book!

Customers who have pre-booked journeys via the app have the option to delay their cab for fifteen, thirty, forty-five or sixty minutes, as many times as they please. Snooze can work for return journeys too, so customers needn’t worry about travelling back at a later time.


So how do I Snooze?

  1. Download the app or update to the latest version
  2. Pre-book your car
  3. Before your car is on its way you will receive a Snooze notification
  4. Tap Snooze from your app or Watch and your driver will turn up a little later

Please note: For airport bookings, Snooze will be default off, however, you can choose to turn it on.


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