14th February 2019

Everyone wants more time! Using every minute wisely should lead to more hours in your day.

We have something for you: 6 tips on using your time effectively.

Scroll down to see our recommendations on how to be efficient with your time when busy:

  • Have you planned your day? Don’t overestimate the number of things you can get done in a day. Compartmentalise your task list: plan to get at least one large task, 3 medium-sized tasks, and 5 small tasks done that day.
  • What can wait? So you’ve planned your day but still don’t have enough time. Sometimes you need to take a step back and ask yourself what can wait until tomorrow – you might get lucky and find yourself with time at the end of the day to complete the task.
  • Do you procrastinate? Planning isn’t always enough when procrastination creeps in – remember, every minute can be usefulIf you have that 10 minutes or so before meeting, don’t underestimate what you can get done. Use it wisely!
  • Who can help? It’s not always a work chore – sometimes work and life intertwine and time becomes evermore scarce. Take that step back again and consider who you have around you and how they can help.
  • What’s the deadline? Use deadlines and time limits to your advantage. Even if you don’t technically have a deadline on a task, set one for yourself and work towards it.
  • Are you on track? Be incredibly proactive about keeping meetings and tasks on track. Before each meeting, send an agenda; if the conversation strays, don’t be afraid to rein it in.



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