20th August 2010

Statement on Adbins court case

Statement by John Griffin, Chairman of Addison Lee; “Adbins has been operating since 2007 and now provides around 16,000 cigarette bins to thousands of businesses across London.

“Since the smoking ban came into effect in 2007, business owners have been liable to be charged fines should they not provide receptacles for litter  – specifically including cigarette butts – of up to £2,500.

“So now, more than three years after we started providing these bins at zero cost to businesses in London, somebody at Westminster Council with too much time on their hands has decided to persecute us for helping to reduce the 2,700 tonnes of cigarette butts dropped in London streets each year. Westminster argues that we need planning permission for the bins, but whenever we put the bin up, we get the permission of the restaurant. If the restaurant needs planning permission, that is a matter for them.

“Westminster Council themselves spend at least £32m a year on waste collection, street cleaning and issuing press releases announcing a crackdown on smoking litter. Now they are wasting more taxpayers’ money to take us to court in this perverse action when they should be thanking us for doing our bit to keep the streets tidy at no cost to anyone but ourselves.”

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