6th July 2018

Statement in response to Transport for London’s consultation on the lifting of the Congestion Charge exemption

We will of course study TfL’s consultation document carefully and respond appropriately, but Addison Lee Group initially sees nothing to change its opposition to their proposal to lift the longstanding exemption for private hire vehicles from paying London’s congestion charge.

Andy Boland, Addison Lee Group’s CEO said: ‘This move suggests that London isn’t open. Removing the exemption for private hire vehicles is a revenue-raising measure thinly disguised as an environmental initiative which will have no impact on congestion and will do nothing for air quality.

Impact on investment

He added: ‘It will hit drivers and operators in the pocket at a time when the industry should be investing in electric vehicles and charging points to make a genuine impact on London’s environment.’

Addison Lee set out its position on the congestion charge exemption in more detail in an open letter to  London’s mayor Sadiq Khan in February

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