6th September 2019

Strong Customer Authentication FAQS

Strong Customer Authentication FAQS

Glossary of terms:

PSD1: Payment Services Directive v1 – The first European Union Regulation designed to regulate payment services, stimulate competition and protect consumers. (2007)

PSD2: Payment Services Directive v2 – A European Union Regulation for online transactions to improve efficiency, security and fraud protection

SCA: Strong Customer Authentication. Additional security authentications for online transactions which validates the identity of the user of a payment service or payment transaction. SCA is based on in the use of two or more elements. These elements are something only the user knows or possesses, for example, a PIN or one-time password.

Why has the Payment Service Directive 2 come about?

The First Payment Services Directive (PSD1) aimed to encourage competition among financial providers and to enhance consumer protection. The rise of eCommerce and technological advances called for a directive which modernised the 2007 directive and brought into scope new types of payment which were previously unregulated.

How will my online booking be at less risk of fraud?

At point of payment or when adding a card to your wallet your bank can request Strong Customer Authentication in the form of a one-time password or other methods such as a PIN. This can be requested more than once by your card provider.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for SCA?

You may have seen messages from your bank to update your contact details. It is important to ensure they have your current mobile contact number.

How many times will SCA be triggered for my online payments?

SCA can be triggered when you add a new card to your wallet or make an online payment. SCA can be triggered any number of times and this is determined by your bank.

How can I prevent SCA being triggered more than once?

Your bank may provide instructions when your online payment is being processed to add Addison Lee as a trusted merchant. Look out for opportunities to make Addison Lee a trusted supplier in your mobile and internet banking site or contact your bank for more information.

What happens if I fail authentication?

Your bank may let you try again but if you cannot authenticate, you may have to try a different card or alternative form of payment. We advise you to ensure you have updated your mobile number with your bank.

Am I affected if I am an invoiced client?

When adding a new card to settle periodic invoices you may have to complete SCA.

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