Team AddLee Cycling
28th October 2015

Team AddLee takes on the Velodrome

In conjunction with our partnership with Six Day Cycling there was an excited bunch in the office that wanted/demanded to show what they were made of around the track. Addison Lee having a large team of Cycle Couriers, as part of our delivery service offerings, meant that a grudge match was immediately born. DESK JOCKEYS vs CYCLE COURIERS. Bets were placed, lines were draw in the sand and all was set for a great day of office racing, but just who came out on top?

Some expected the results to be a little one sided from the epic battle at the Olympic Velodrome. With cycle couriers the clear favourites, but the desk jockeys had a lot to prove. The results however speak for themselves. Less than one second separated the top 8 riders in a closely-fought contest. So who was victorious?

Unnamed image (60)


A great performance by both teams, but the Desk Jockeys brought it home in an average time of 19.78 seconds per-lap vs the Cycle Couriers’ 20.20!

Fun was had by all including the clients that were invited to take part in some of the action. A lot of sick days were taken by certain people as they tried to escape the show boating of the victorious riders as they marched up and down the stairs armed with large smug smiles. We will be sure to be having more of these events in the future so that some can regain their bragging rights in the office halls, no names mentioned though.

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