27th March 2018

Things To Do In London This April

April brings spring flowers, mild days, and plenty of rain and sunshine! With Easter and Mother’s Day past us, London offers a wide range of fun activities, events, and attractions for all the family! And Addison Lee can get you (and your pets!) there safely and in comfort.

  1. London Marathon

The virgin Money London Marathon is underway on 22 April this year! Whether you’re participating as a runner, helping out as a volunteer, or cheering on from the side-lines, it’s an event that sweeps the nation every spring! It’s a fantastic race, but if you are travelling in the day, be sure to avoid the many road closures and expected congestion. Addison Lee can get you where you need to be, or take you to the race if you’re spectating!

  1. Feast of St. George

April 21st is the Queen’s Official Birthday and the Feast of St. George in Trafalgar Square! With flags, tea, and cake, this wonderful festival is a fantastic day out for the whole family! Not only that, but there’s a live band playing through the afternoon as well as female performers in keeping with the #BehindEveryGreatCity campaign by the Mayor. An unmissable day out!

  1. Changing of the Guard

Now the weather has improved and there are more dry days than rainy days, taking a trip to Buckingham Palace can be a fun way to spend the afternoon with your family! Time it just right, and you’ll be able to watch the world-renowned Changing of the Guard! Take a stroll through St. James’s Park and watch the famous ceremony. Whether you’ve seen it once or ten times already, it’s a fantastic sight!

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