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27th February 2020

Weekend Wanders: London’s Most Scenic Spring Walks

It feels like this winter has lasted roughly ten times longer than it should have, but spring is finally around the corner – we can almost taste it! To prepare you for coming out of hibernation, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite springtime walks; some of them are in the capital and some just outside. For the ones a little further afield, we’d recommend booking an Addison Lee to the start of the route – and if you want to bring your dog along, book one of our Pet Cabs, with extra room for four-legged friends!

  1. Hampstead Heath, London

Perhaps London’s most well-loved green space, Hampstead Heath nature reserve offers a vast, untamed walking experience, with only the spectacular views across the London skyline to remind you that you’re not actually out in the wilderness. With over thirty ponds, plenty of huge rhododendron bushes bursting with colour and a varied choice of walking routes, early spring is the perfect time to see Hampstead Heath at it’s most sublime.

  1. Coombes Farm, West Sussex

If you want to witness one of the most quintessential joys of spring this year – baby lambs frolicking in the fields – then a visit to Coombes Farm is a must. Tucked away in the rolling South Downs of West Sussex, you can see the newest arrivals in the lambing barn before choosing your route for a scenic wander. Footpaths lead from the farm up and over the downs to the village of Bramber (where you can explore a ruined Norman castle), and the winding River Adur and Downs Link cycle path also provide a choice of routes for returning to the farm.

  1. The Chilterns

Within in an hours drive from London and spread across four counties, the patchwork of hills, woods and countryside that make up the Chilterns provide both breath-taking scenery and endless choices of walking trails. If your looking for somewhere to start, the charming Oxfordshire village of Turville is ideal. Don’t be surprised if it feels familiar – you may recognise it from TV shows such as Midsomer Murders and the Vicar of Dibley!

  1. The Thames Path, London

A wander along the Thames path brings you to so many of London’s most famous attractions, from the Tudor architecture and beautifully manicured gardens of Hampton Court Palace to the spectacular Albert Bridge and the lush Amazonian Wilderness of Kew Gardens. Simply pick up a map of London and decide what you’d like to see, and where to begin and end.

  1. The Royal Horticultural Society Garden, Surrey

Perhaps one of the best places to celebrate the demise of winter is the Royal Horticultural Society Garden in Surrey – it explodes into bloom in springtime, with blossom, new bulbs and fresh green leaves as far as the eye can see. You can book a guided stroll among the tulips, magnolias and orchard, and sometimes even put plants to fun use at Botanical Cocktails events.

  1. The Parkland Walk, London

The Parkland walk is one of London’s best kept secrets. Beginning in Alexandra Palace, you follow a slightly overgrown path along an old abandoned railway line – the route takes you right through Stroud Green, Crouch End, Highgate and Muswell Hill, through various tunnels, wild green spaces and over bridges, before finally ending up in Finsbury Park (where we’d suggest you reward yourself with a well-deserved pint).

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