30th March 2023

What Driving Job Pays the Most?

A driving job is an ideal career for those who want an alternative to a regular desk job. If you’re considering becoming a delivery driver or private hire driver, here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to earn. 

Types of Driving Jobs Available

The main types of driving jobs include transporting or delivering goods (e.g., a courier or a long-distance truck driver), and transporting passengers (e.g., a taxi driver, chauffeur or private hire driver).

Note: A private hire driver differs from a regular London taxi driver. A taxi may accept a pre-booked passenger or pick up a fare on the road, but a private hire vehicle may only take passengers on pre-booked journeys. The council sets the fares for taxi drivers, while private hire drivers have more control over what they earn.

Comparing Salaries for Popular Driving Jobs

Indeed estimates the following average base salaries for different types of drivers working in London:

  Chauffeur Courier Private Hire Driver Truck Driver
Weekly £720 £488 £714 £747
Monthly £2 786 £1 887 £2 762 £2 892
Yearly £39 356 £26 650 £39 009 £40 843

Talent.com estimates the following median average pay for these London-based driving jobs:

  Chauffeur Courier Private Hire Driver Truck Driver
Weekly £769 £619 £750 £581
Monthly £3 333 £2 681 £3 250 £2 519
Yearly £40 000 £32 175 £39 000 £30 225

 Driving Jobs with Addison Lee

Addison Lee is a prestigious London private hire and courier operator with a large, well-established client base. We’re always looking for PCO-licenced drivers to join our growing fleet.

We give our private hire drivers and chauffeurs a chance to earn at least £5,000 in the first month of work, with industry-leading vehicle rental rates and a comprehensive maintenance package to help minimise expenses.

We’re also constantly growing our courier team, offering excellent rates, free van rental and fair distribution of jobs.

Contact Addison Lee to find out more about the rewarding driving jobs we offer.

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