14th November 2023

Expectations vs Reality: What is it Like to Work the Addison Lee Circuit?

The unfortunate fact many drivers face is that their job expectations don’t always meet reality. This isn’t to say that drivers’ expectations are unrealistic — quite the opposite.

Drivers are correct to have high standards and meaningful expectations regarding their profession and working conditions, and it’s up to ride-hailing and taxi companies to step up and deliver on these expectations.

Unfortunately, many large raid-hailing and taxi businesses pay closer attention to their bottom line than their drivers. But not Addison Lee. We are dedicated to providing drivers with everything they expect and deserve.


With many large ride-hailing companies failing to provide their drivers with everything they need to feel safe, secure, and satisfied in their profession, many drivers have reasonably come to expect very little in the way of job perks. However, you can expect a lot more as an Addison Lee Driver.

Here are some of the benefits of driving with us:

  • Set your own hours.
  • Claim a £1,200 cash bonus.
  • Access our industry-leading pensions scheme.
  • Get your first 4 weeks of car rental completely free with the ability to pay zero rent in the future.
  • We’ll cover all your ULEZ and congestion charges.
  • If you break down, we’ll keep you on the road with a replacement vehicle and an industry-leading maintenance package.

These are just a handful of the unique perks you can expect as an Addison Lee driver. Click here to see the complete list.


On average, our drivers take home approximately £28,000 per annum. These highly competitive earnings exceed what many drivers expect from large ride-hailing and taxi companies.


At Addison Lee, we offer our customers a range of different services, meaning these differences carry through to you, the driver.

While most ride-hailing and taxi companies give their drivers little or no choice regarding the type of service they provide customers, with Addison Lee, the decision lands with you. That means you can expect more freedom and more ways to find a service that you’re passionate about.

Here are the range of services we provide:

Taxi Services

  • Select. This is our standard, everyday service. A simple taxi service with no frills but loads of professionalism and care.
  • Executive Services. These are our chauffeur-driven services, catered mainly to our business customers.
  • AL Black Taxi. The classic Black Cab service that Londoners know and love. Safe, flexible, and reliable.
  • Electric Fleet. All part of our commitment to a cleaner, greener future. A state-of-the-art fleet of EVs and low-emission vehicles.

Courier & Delivery Services

  • Next Day. Next-day delivery, where customers have a say in what time their package arrives.
  • Same Day. A typical same-day service, executed with Addison Lee’s signature quality and attention to detail.
  • AL Now. Super-fast 2-hour delivery within a 4-mile radius.

Wait times

Many people expect a lot of drivers’ time will be spent waiting or searching for jobs. Addison Lee is different. We are the UK’s largest private hire, Black Taxi, and same-day delivery company, completing over 4,500 jobs daily in London alone.

What’s it like to drive the Addison Lee circuit?

Expect to be treated fairly, receive industry-leading perks, have a choice over the type of service you offer, and be a member of a highly successful community of AL drivers.

Apply to become an Addison Lee driver today — the reality of driving with us might exceed your expectations.


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