28th July 2023

What should I Study for the TfL SERU test?

All new and existing private hire or minicab drivers in London must pass a SERU (Safety, Equality and Regulatory Understanding) test set out by Transport for London. If you’re studying for your upcoming SERU assessment, here’s some advice on what to study, and the type of questions you can expect.

What should I study for TfL SERU?

The SERU questions will test your knowledge of the PHV Driver’s Handbook. This means understanding the rules of the road and the protocol for carrying out private hire journeys, as well as how to interact with your passengers and what to do in risky situations or emergencies.
All this is to ensure that you can offer a safe, professional service as a London private hire driver. If you study your PHV Driver’s Handbook, you should be well-prepared for the test.

What type of questions are asked on SERU assessment?

The TfL SERU assessment is a computer-based test with 37 questions. These include 18 multiple-choice questions, 17 complete-the-sentence questions, and two reading and understanding questions. You’ll have 45 minutes to complete the test.

Here are a few examples of the questions you might be asked as part of your SERU test:

  • What is called the “swept area”?
  • What is County Lines?
  • What are red routes?
  • Why might ridesharing happen?
  • Who is an adult at risk?
  • Where should you put CCTV signage?
  • When does a vehicle licensing inspection needs to be done?

You need 60% to pass the assessment. If you fail once, you’ll get the chance to take it again, but if you fail a second time, you’ll need to start the PHV application process again.

Study online for SERU

Here are some resources to help you prepare, so you can take the SERU test with confidence:

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