18th December 2018

Need a little reminder on what we have to offer?

Some surprises are good, but hidden costs are rarely one of them. At Addison Lee, our fixed fares ensure that there are no nasty surprises at the end of your journey – the price is confirmed before you book.

Not only that, but with Addison Lee available in more than 80 countries, we can travel with you! Gone are the days of getting to the airport and hunting for your driver. We make things that little bit easier for you by tracking your flight, so that your driver is waiting in the right place at the right time, holding a sign with your name on it. They’ll be dressed sharply too, because we know those first impressions count – and with over 1 million airport trips a year, we’ll leave it for you to decide our level of expertise.

If the weather is miserable, you can rest assured your ride home won’t be. Your driver will be on hand with an umbrella and assist you in getting any bags safely into the boot. Your car will be cleaned and well-oiled, with all our vehicles service every 6,000 miles.

Once your settled comfortably in our car, we’ll do everything we can to give you the service you deserve. Want to hear a song? Keep cool with the aircon? Browse the web on wifi, or charge up your phone? Your driver will accommodate all of that and more.

Of course, there are all always occasions when things don’t go to plan. That’s why we’ve created services that matter in times of need. If you have to take a pet to the vet, or need to get home urgently and can’t cycle, our pet and cyclecabs are at your service.

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