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Need a reliable Charing Cross taxi? Follow our guide to the area and get the most out of your journey.

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A taxi driver's guide to Charing Cross

Looking for some tips on the area? Our Charing Cross taxi driver’s guide is here to help. For example – here’s a good bit of pub quiz knowledge. When people say ‘central London’, have you ever wondered just where they mean? In most people’s minds central London is just a concept; a cluster of streets and famous attractions combined to forge a sort of convenient mass. But of course in reality, everywhere has a centre. Even if – as London does – you span an astonishing 607 square miles. And in the case of our beloved capital, that centre’s in Charing Cross. Home to a (now replica) cross that was lain to mourn the death of King Edward’s wife, Eleanor in 1290. Charing Cross station is where every geographical marker outside the city points and counts down to. What makes this a unique decision is the fact that of course geographically speaking, Charing Cross isn’t at the centre of London. Firm believers in the ‘conceptual centre of London’, we feel that when all is said and done, it’s a good a place to call centre as any. After all, Charing Cross is perched so perfectly between the Thames Embankment and The Strand – with Covent garden and Trafalgar Square to its North – that you’d be hard pressed to find a place with so many glamorous and quintessentially London places nearby. What are you waiting for? London’s just a click away. Follow our Charing Cross taxi driver’s guide to the area and discover all the most popular local haunts to eat, drink and visit. All within the reach of our knowledgeable and friendly drivers.

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